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  • 06/26/15
  • I Love Lemons Casting Call

    by Audrey Landers

    UPDATE : Shooting a pilot presentation-- one day-- July 17 or 18. Looking for 2 young women for this presentation. Here is the info. I will cast Kiity first, as her role and look is very specific.

    "Landers Productions is filming a pilot presentation with the expectation of filming the complete pilot, and ultimately, the series, in Sarasota. It is a scripted comedy, with the feel of a reality show. The actors will be required for only a couple of hours, and there is no compensation for this presentation. However, when we film the full pilot, and the series, the actors will be compensated according to standard industry contracts. We would shoot on or about July 17.

    We are casting for a few of the roles. Here is the first character breakdown:

    KITTY is between 18 and 25 years old. She is 5'6" or taller, and comfortable in a bikini and high heels. She has spent her life competing in beauty pageants. She has a pageant girl attitude.  Kitty is Jacki’s 22 year old daughter. She’s the embodiment of a Barbie doll-- even down to the unrealistic body expectations. She never eats. She’s 5’9, super thin, and gorgeous. She has spent her life in the beauty pageant world, entering every competition that comes along. Her most recent win was as “Miss Fit” in the Baskin Robbins Best Beach Bod contest. They even named a flavor after her-- “Bananarexic.”  She does not necessarily have to be a blonde.


    If you are interested in auditioning, please email and instructions for you to self tape will be sent. All auditions need to be in by end of day Tuesday, June 30.


    The Family

    Abigail- (Cast Audrey Landers) Thinks she’s Meryl Streep

    Jacki- (Cast Judy Landers) Thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe

    Dylan -  (Cast Daniel Landers ) Abigail’s son. Thinks he’s under appreciated, so he does anything for attention.

    Rita (Cast-Ruth Landers) — The very hot, 70 year old matriarch of the Lemon family.


    Kitty - Age 18 to early 20’s. Jacki’s daughter. Thinks she’s Miss America. She’s beautiful, very fit, maybe too thin. Tall, leggy. Comfortable in short shorts, very tall high heels, and a bathing suit top. Model looks-- Good with comedy.

    Lulu- Age 18 to early 20’s. Kitty’s sister, and Jacki’s other daughter.  Thinks she’s Kim Kardashian but all she truly wants is to be on the Real Housewives. She loves to bake. She is the ‘handler’ for her sister’s career. She makes sure that Kitty doesn’t cheat on her diet. Lulu never diets.

    Andy-Age 18- to early 20’s. Thinks that having been born into this family is the worst thing that ever happened to him. He is Abigail’s other son, Dylan’s brother. He’s a preppy, college frat boy. Dry sense of humor.


    Darlene - Age 30’s to 50 -The reality show segment producer- No nonsense, bossy.  Always egging the family on- pushing the envelope. She and Abigail have “something” between them. Can be any ethnicity, preferably African American or Hispanic.

    Cameron (tentatively cast Greg Pitts )  The camera man- Cuddly and adorable-like a puppy dog. Rita calls him her personal trainer. However it appears to be the other way around when we see Rita emerge from the bedroom followed by Cameron who is wearing a dog collar and a leather leash.

    Sofia -Age early 20’s. The Hairdresser - A petite, sexy, 20-ish Latina whose every move is a spicy Rumba. She has the hots for Dylan.

    Jeffery- (Cast Jeffery Kin) He’s the second camera man. He steps in whenever Rita calls Cameron for a personal training session.

    Background-  2 or 3 Crew members— They are seen on camera. One holds the boom for sound; One adjusts the lights. They are also seen taking a break.

    Optional:The Neighbors - They “drop by” to borrow a cup of sugar as soon as the camera truck pulls up outside-- Hoping to get their minute of fame.

    Please send pictures and resume to


  • 06/26/15
  • Summer Film Intensive Workshop

    Web link with more course and registration information:

    Summer Film Intensive Poster

  • 06/17/15
  • Casting Call - Heinz Productions.

    CASTING; Heinz Production is Casting “Real Families” for Universal Orlando Resorts print & video shoot.
    Shoot on June 25th or 26th, 2015.
    Email a family self- tape and 1 current family photo to by Fri, June 19th 2015! If cast this will run thru your agent.
    Follow directions carefully.
    1) Must be of whole family – Mom, Dad, kids (3 years and older)
    2) Tell us about yourselves – Names, kids ages, what you like to do at Universal Studios Orlando Resorts.
    3) Next, pretend you are at a Universal Orlando Resort Character Breakfast together, interacting with characters.
    Make it about 2 minutes long. You can take it with your smart phone. Most phones let you upload right to youtube and then you can email us the link.
    If we like your tape, you and your family may need to attend a casting at Heinz.
    If cast, this is a paid job that shoots in Orlando- Must work as a local Hire. We will hire thru agent.
    Thank you!
    Heinz Productions/

  • 06/16/15
  • Casting Call - Guess Who

    Guess Who Casting Call Information

  • 06/16/15
  • Casting Call -Sick

    Sick Casting Call Information

  • 06/05/15
  • Casting Call - Toliet Paper



    10-15 min. Dramedy. It’s 3 AM and Nora (20) invites Daniel (23) over to drink and smoke. In their smashed states, Daniel expects to get lucky Nora expects to have a deep and meaningful conversation. Nora covers the apartment with 300 feet of toilet paper as an analogy for what she’s trying to say, but the demonstration is more for her than it is for him. He’s annoyed that she isn’t paying attention to him and she’s annoyed that he doesn’t care about her drunken philosophies. They put their fuzzy minds together and discuss the reasons for why they’re really together that night.


    DANIEL Male, Age Range: 18-25, Any Ethnicity

    Acts and looks as cool as a cucumber, but is really a dork with no clue. Deep down he’s a nice guy, but he thinks with his crotch first and his brain second.

    NORA Female, Age Range: 18-25, Any Ethnicity

    Outgoing and confident. A pretty girl with average intelligence, plagued with unanswerable existential and introspective questions. In need of a friend who actually cares.

    Please contact either the director or producer if you are interested or have any questions.

    Lucas Schiltz

    Lauren Sobczak


  • 05/27/15
  • Videographers Needed.

    Sarasota's premiere wedding videographer is looking shooters for June 6th and June 20th.

    Mrs. Leslie Harris-Senac
    Film maker / Owner
    Visions Unlimited Video Productions, Inc.
    Phone: 941/315-3456

  • 05/27/15
  • Indy Film Needs Extras!!


    We need reliable Extras for a Local Production in
    Sarasota and Bradenton by Orensis Films LLC.
    For more information about the film check out:

    Sunday- 5/31
    Grocery Store Scene
    Ages: 18 +
    Unpaid Position/ Non Speaking
    Ethnicity: ALL
    Sex: ALL

    Tuesday- 6/9
    Theatre Scene
    Ages: 18 +
    Unpaid Position/ Non Speaking
    Ethnicity: ALL
    Sex: ALL

    Sunday- 6/14
    Grocery Store Scene
    Ages: 18 +
    Unpaid Position/ Non Speaking
    Ethnicity: ALL
    Sex: ALL

    NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, but please be professional and show up when you say you will.
    We are looking for people who want to experience being on a professional set. It’s an exciting experience.

  • 05/14/15

    May 14, 2015
    "Six and A Mix"
    Suncoast Technical College
    4748 Beneva Road, Sarasota Florida

    Professional Workshops and/or
    Mixer and/or Speakers Event

    Workshop Options 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    - choose one upon registering

    Our Instructors PDF Version
    Our Instructors Web Version

    1. New Tools & Technology: 360-Degree Video, VR & Interactive
    2. Lighting & Audio - The Art and Science

    3. Make-up: Glamour and Horror/SFX

    4. Acting for the Camera

    5. Actors'
    Understand Talent Agents, Casting Directors, and win them over.

    6. The Business of the Biz: Finances Distribution, Marketing...

    For more information and registration click registration link below. 

    Special Welcome to our Mixer 5:30 -6:15 p.m.  and VIP Speakers 6:15 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

    Celine Rattray
    Maven Pictures,Co-Founder 
    Executive Producer

    Executive Producer for Academy-award nominated films Still Alice (star, Julianne Moore) and The Kids Are All Right (star, Annette Bening), as well as the
    upcoming Miss You Already starring Drew Barrymore
    and Jacqueline Bisset, among other credits and
    co-founder of Maven Pictures in NYC w/partner Trudie
    Styler, and formerly of HBO where she launched HBO
    On Demand, among other credits.

    Agnes J. Lee
    Governor's Florida
    Film & Entertainment
    Advisory Council (FFEAC);
    CEA Senior Advisor

    Formerly of Universal Pictures where her projects' experience included Oscar-nominated
    Inglourious Bastards, Biutiful and others,
     now CEA expert in productions, financing, distribution, etc. including international co-productions such as China's remake of Gossip Girls, and the QTV special program in Florida to fund television pilots/series that is working its way through the legislature...outcome to be known by May 1st.

    Workshop Registration- 3:00- 5:30 p.m.
    Includes one workshop of your choice, Mixer, Expo and Speakers Event.

    Sponsorship- Includes Expo Table,
    Mixer and Speaker Event


    Non-workshop Attendee only
    Includes Mixer5:30-6:15 p.m. , Expo and Speakers Event 6:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.



    Special Thanks To Our Event Sponsors.

    Six and a Mix Video


  • 04/24/15

    Feature Film- Non-Union - No Pay
    Credit. Compensation for gas/travel provided.
    Meals covered.

    Director: Thomas Nudi
    Producer: Thomas Nudi, Trishul Thejasvi
    Cinematographer: Trishul Thejasvi
    Production Design: Joshua Steward
    Casting Director: Thomas Nudi
    Callback Dates: May 1 - May 7
    Shoot/Start Date: May 28th, 2015
    Location: Bradenton, Florida
    Micro-budget, independent feature by recent Chapman MFA graduates and Florida filmmakers. Monty Comes Back is a feature-length film following a writer and actor, Monty, whose early success has gone to his head, causing him to push away his friends and family in a pursuit to regain his notoriety. We watch his life quickly fall apart before resorting to a move back to his hometown in Florida to live with his parents, under the guise that he is on a “creative hiatus.” What follows is Monty's coping with his big head in a very small town, and his journey discovering what makes his own life meaningful, outside of the glory that was once bestowed on him. Shot on location in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island, Florida, this story is as much about Monty
    as it is about the location: warm beaches, glistening waves, the large elderly population and endless sunshine that defines the region--what may be paradise to some can be purgatory for others.
    27 years old, CAUCASIAN, and while he's reached a few successes in his life, has not been able to keep his ego away from his work--which ultimately causes his destruction. A believer in art for the sake of art, and that everything should be new and original--he detests that theatre has become over-ridden with musical adaptations of adaptations, and that work such as that of Russian surrealist's or the new wave of American
    playwrights is not given a chance in areas outside of the regular theatre scene. His intentions are pure, but misguided. Not only his ego, but his temper and arrogance get the better of him quite often--but not to be forgotten, he is a considerate human being, regardless of how he handles himself.
    [LULA] 15, but she looks, and tells everyone, that she is 18 (the revelation of which comes as moment of drama between her and Monty toward the end.) One of many young people who is wise (and sarcastic) beyond their years [to an extent] yet still carries the immaturity
    that comes along with puberty. When she meets Monty she unknowingly seduces him with her wit and general attitude, and uses him throughout the film for beer and marijuana.
    [ED] Monty's father, is in his late 60s/early 70s, CAUCASIAN, and is used to having his son
    out of the house at this point. Loving, but strict--he comes from a military-past, and certainly is of the more conservative mindset. He's worked hard all his life for his retirement and is now trying to enjoy it the best he can.
    [MARIE] Monty's mother, mid-late 60s, CAUCASIAN, and is much quieter than Ed, Monty's father. A over-nurturing mother all her life, she came from a generation that believed in the 'homemaker' ideal. Passive aggressive in her showing of disappointment towards anyone, especially her son. She's the last to criticize Monty, but the first to protect him when he is
    being criticized. While she's on in her years, catching up to Ed, she still maintains a youthful image--still gets dressed just to make breakfast in the morning.
    [JOEL] Monty's childhood friend, 27, ANY ETHNICITY. Instead of going off and taking too
    many risks, he stayed home and kept his job at the grocery store from high school, working his way up the ladder to managing it. When Monty comes back he visits Joel attempting to get a job. Joel is easily walked on, especially by his friends, because he's of low
    temperament and he's nice--he does not have an inflated ego, to say the least. Joel is perfectly content in his way of life, and must love his hometown. He's never reached for anything beyond what laid in front of him, but was never looking for much more to begin with.
    [GEORGE WEBBER] 45-65, ANY ETHNICITY, the first of three men Monty meets throughout the film. A gravestone salesmen, he's a representation of the “hardworking old world,” the door-to-door type job. Friendly and wise, he briefly attempts at making
    conversation with Monty at an airport, and gives him some passing advice.
    [FISHERMAN BOB] 45-65, ANY ETHNICITY, the second of the three men Monty meets in the film who dote on his ego. As his title says, he's a fisherman. The type of guy who likes to get all his work out in one, long night, and haul his catch to the oriental market and make
    a swift grand for the week before he enjoys the relaxed life he has. Again, wise in his years and experiences, he indirectly steers Monty toward 'the answers' he may be looking for.
    [TUCKER THE TRUCKER] 40-50, CAUCASIAN, the final of the three men Monty meets, and one who ensures Monty's confidence in himself and his decisions. The rhyme in the name is as happenstance as his meeting with Monty and their shared philosophies.
    [JIM] a local mechanic who Monty looks to for advice when attempting to repair his car. Comfortable in his position in life and all-knowing when it comes to old cars, he's becoming close to obsolete as cars are now outfitted with computers he has no idea how to operate
    around. A representation of the phasing out of the “old world”.

  • 04/17/15
  • Local Filmmaker Premiere

    WILD ORCHID MAN At Landings Racquet Club with wine and cheese reception to follow.

    4-17-15 at 7:00 p.m.

    One more screening of the new Machu Picchu film is scheduled for Friday, April 17th at the Landings Racquet Club. Thursday, April 16th, the day before, there will be a screening of Wild Orchid Man In The Mountains Of Amazonas at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center. Both showings are free and start at 7:30. The Wild Orchid Man Stig Dalstrom and filmmaker/composer Darryl Saffer will hold Q&As afterward.

    Darryl Saffer
    Studio Ray Productions
    3101 West Place
    Sarasota, FL 34234

    Producer, The Education Channel
    The award-winning Florida Field Journal




  • 04/13/15
  • Urgent Casting Call

    TriForce casting call for tomorrow- April 14th
    Call time: 9:30am - 1pm for females and 11am - 1pm for males
    Location :SCTI
    Casting: need 10-12 total late 20's-30's men and women, mixed for audience and panel ESPN style video non speaking roles.
    Pay: $75 flat rate

  • 04/08/15
  • Videographers needed.

    Sarasota's premiere wedding videographer is looking shooters on weekends. Editors need to own fcp7, and send a demo reel to:

  • 04/08/15
  • House Bill 451 passed through the House Economic Affairs Committee by a 12-5 vote this morning.

    Greetings Film Florida Members, Stakeholders, and Friends ~

    We are thrilled to announce that House Bill 451 passed through the House Economic Affairs Committee by a 12-5 vote this morning. We have made it through the three necessary committees to move it to the full House for a vote!

    We sincerely appreciate everyone that contacted the committee members with your personal stories and requests for support. Please remain engaged moving forward as SB 1046 will be heard in its final Senate Committee, Appropriations, and if successful it will then move to the full Senate for a vote. This is a critical time in the process and we thank all of our members, friends and partners for their ongoing participation and support.

    Another exciting day for our industry here in Florida!


    Michelle Hillery, Film Florida President
    Sheena Fowler and Kelly Paige, Legislative Committee Co-Chairs

  • 03/25/15
  • Xtras Needed For Upcoming Local Production By UPDOG Studios!

    April 6:
    Age: 14-19
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male & Female
    Role: Non-Speaking

    April 10:
    Ages: 18-45
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male and Female
    Volunteers at clinic for the less fortunate.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Ages: 18-55
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male and Female
    Less fortunate people who are coming to the clinic for discount medical aid.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    April 11:

    PATIENT EXTRAS (in waiting room)

    Ages: 35-45

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Well off financially, consumed by phones and materialism.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Contact: for more information!

    We need you to be reliable and show up if you say that you will!

  • 03/23/15
  • Casting Call

    Updog Studios Casting Call additional for Messiah

  • 03/23/15
  • The Film Grant Where You Win Even If You Lose

    The Roy W. Dean Spring Grant is now accepting applications. Deadline is April 30th. The winner receives $25,000 in film goods, services, and funds to get their film started or completed. The grant seeks short films, documentaries, features, or series that are unique and make a contribution to society.

     Now, in its 23rd year, the cash portion of the grant has increased to $3,500. Winner will receive about $25,000 in goods and services from Edgewise, Silver Sound, Edgewise, Nice shoes, Carmen Borgia and many more wonderful organizations who give back to filmmakers through our grant.

    But, if you don’t win, you still end up ahead.  Each applicant gets a consultation from Carole Dean, president of From The Heart Productions, author of the bestselling- book, “The Art of Film Funding”.  With over 20 years’ experience judging films, mentoring filmmakers, and helping films get funded, she will give the applicants advice on improving their story, their pitch, and their project. 

    Application and guidelines are on our website at

     Contact: (805) 984-0098

  • 03/18/15
  • HB451 Passes Through House

    Greetings Film Florida Members, Stakeholders, and Friends ~

    We are happy to announce that House Bill 451 passed through the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee by overwhelming majority this morning!

    We sincerely appreciate everyone that contacted the committee members with your personal stories and requests for support. Please remain engaged moving forward as HB451 and SB1046 will be heard in numerous committees over the next weeks. It is YOUR voice that makes the difference!


    Michelle Hillery, Film Florida President
    Sheena Fowler and Kelly Paige, Legislative Committee Co-Chairs



  • 03/17/15
  • Free Film Showing Dreamworks HOME

    Sponsored by the State College of Florida's Film Club

    Dreamworks Home - 3/28/15





    Lakewood Ranch Cinemas

    Saturday, March 28 at 8:45 a.m. only

    Free admission with the donation of canned or dry-food goods - to benefit Sarasota and Manatee Food Banks

  • 03/17/15
  • Free Film Showing Disneys Big Hero 6

    Free Film Showing at State College of Florida Sponsored byt the The SCF Film Club

    Bradenton Campus





    5840 26th St W, Bradenton, FL 34207

    Outdoor screen. Will move indoors for inclement weather.

    March 24th at 7:30 p.m.


  • 03/16/15
  • News Photographer/Studio Production Assistant Needed

    WWSB-TV in Sarasota, Florida has an immediate opening for a full time News Photographer/Studio Production Assistant.

    Responsibilities include shooting and editing news, microwave trucks, studio robotic controller, posting social media and digital content. Must have a valid driver’s license and some broadcast television experience. Candidates must have visceral distaste for office politics and gossip.


    Email resume and cover letter to Steve Sabato, Director of News and Digital Content@ No calls. You can also

  • 02/27/15
  • Casting Call - Updog Studios

    Disappointing Messiah

    Episode One – Intro 1.2

    Age: 16-19
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Tall, lengthy 17 year old who works after school each day, saving money for his dream car.
    Role: Lead

    Age: 14-19
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male & Female
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 45-55
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Older man, works as the lead mechanic at mechanic shop.
    Role: Supporting

    Ages: 25-45
    Ethnicity: Any
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 45-65
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Large, older man who lives in mobile home park.
    Role: Supporting

    Episode 1.2 – Timing

    Age: 35-45
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Man with a family of 3, who is currently unemployed and facing financial struggles.
    Role: Lead

    Age: 35-45
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Wife of Dan, employed as a nurse, and frustrated with current financial struggles.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 9-13
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Daughter of Dan and Terry.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 7-9
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Son of Dan and Terry.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 35-55
    Ethnicity: Any
    Acts as interviewer for Dan.
    Role: Supporting

    Episode Three – Appearance

    Age: 55-65
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Single man who works as a janitor at the local high school.
    Role: Lead

    Ages: 13-17
    Ethnicity: Any
    Students who loiter outside of lockers in the school hallway with Student. 
    Role: Non-Speaking

    STUDENT (1)
    Age: 13-17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Makes Ben’s job especially difficult.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 25-35
    Ethnicity: Any
    Wrangles students out of hallway into class.
    Role: Supporting

    Episode Four – Teachings 3.1

    Age: 40-55
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    A medical doctor who is dissatisfied and unhappy with life. Light-haired woman.
    Role: Lead

    Age: 20-40
    Ethnicity: Any
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 35-45
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Well off financially, physically in shape, who is unhappy with other physical qualities – arms and chin.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    PATIENT EXTRAS (in waiting room)
    Ages: 35-45
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Well off financially, consumed by phones and materialism.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 25-55
    Ethnicity: Any
    Homeless woman who walks through town, asks for assistance from Linda.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 25-45
    Ethnicity: Any
    Man who sells a vacant property to Linda.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Episode Four – Teachings 3.1, Cont.

    Ages: 18-45
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male and Female
    Volunteers at clinic for the less fortunate.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Ages: 18-55
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male and Female
    Less fortunate people who are coming to the clinic for discount medical aid.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Episode Five – Actions 1.0

    Age: 25-45
    Ethnicity: African American
    Large man, who plays the role of an orderly in a retirement home.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 65-85
    Ethnicity: Any
    Elderly woman who is in a wheelchair and living at the retirement home.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 65-85
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Elderly, grumpy man who lives in the retirement home.
    Role: Lead

    ELDERLY EXTRAS (multiple small groups)
    Age: 65-85
    Ethnicity: Any
    Male and Female
    Elderly folks who live in the retirement home, sitting around tables in the dining common; later, in rec room.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 38-48
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Mid-forties man who visits the retirement home, son of Mr. Humphreys.
    Role: Lead

    Episode Five – Actions 1.0, cont.

    Age: 65-85
    Ethnicity: Any
    Woman who lives at the retirement home with Mr. Humphreys. Sits at same table as Mr. Humphreys, Brett, and two other elderly people.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 65-85
    Ethnicity: Any
    Lives at retirement home as well. Sits at table with Mrs. Johnson, Brett, Mr. Humphreys, and other elderly people.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 65-85
    Ethnicity: Any
    Lives at retirement home as well. Sits at table with Mrs. Johnson, Brett, Mr. Humphreys, and other elderly people.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Episode Six – Scars

    Age: 7-9
    Ethnicity: Any
    Young boy who learns to ride his bike.
    Role: Lead

    Age: 35-45
    Ethnicity: Any
    Dad of young boy who learns to ride his bike.
    Role: Supporting

    Age: 35-45
    Ethnicity: Any
    Mother of young boy.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Age: 20-30
    Ethnicity: Any
    Manager of sports store where the family purchases the boy’s bike.
    Role: Non-Speaking

    Expected Shoot Dates April/June

    Please send resume, headshot, reel (if applicable), location, and availability to

  • 02/27/15
  • Casting Call- Thermacell Commercial

    Tom Miranda Outdoors is looking for energetic individuals who love the outdoors.

    Shooting March 16th-17th.  Located in Englewood, Florida. 

    Casting for ages 18-60 male and female of any ethnicity.    The shoot is for Thermacell's mosquito repellent lantern.  Scenes involve families gathering together around a camp site, fishing, hunting, unloading campers ect.  If casted, part pays $100/day.  Please email Jason Morillo @ with resume and headshot. 


  • 02/21/15
  • Open Casting Call for Independent Feature Film to be Directed by Tim Sutton, Director of Memphis & PavilionProduced in coordination with Ringling College, the Studio Lab and Semkhor. Principal photography to take place May 2015. In search of real people /non-actors open to all ages / ethnicities / demographics EMAIL for more info and to let us know which day you’re coming SATURDAY, FEB 21st and SUNDAY, FEB 22nd, 2015 11:00AM to 4:00PM Goldstein Center Ringling College of Art + Design 2700 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34234 LEAD CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS: Male, 16-19 y/o - Skater or BMX rider. like a wild dog, sometimes silent loner sometimes in his pack, lives in the moment. Skating/Riding is like flying and is his freedom. Male, White, 22-25 y/o - Loner, lives in a solitary world, into gaming and fantasy. Male, White/Black, 22-30 y/o - Veteran served in either Iraq or Afghanistan back to civilian life now, but has perspective of life only someone with that experience could have. Female, White, mid 20s to late 30s - Very concerned with fitness, loves yoga/pilates/working out. Spends time at the beach, and has potentially entered bikini contest. Ambitions of being a model or actress. Female, Latina, 18-21 y/o - Latina, cute, loves alternative music, animation and illustration, slightly punk, speaks Spanish. Male, White, 44-50 y/o - Professional, has kids, possibly divorced, in search of love again. Teenagers of all kinds! For more information or questions
  • 02/09/15
  • 3D & 360-Degree Filming: Come & see for yourself

    February Film Mixer

    February 25, 2015
    5:30-7:30 p.m.

    Join us for this intimate gathering.
    Reserved seating is required. Limited Space Available.

    Tim Conway and Matt Sheils
    from the Three Six and Zero Team

    Jeff Hazelton, Bio Lucid
    It's a fast-changing word of styles, tools and techniques for shooting movies, television, commercials and much more - from writers to producers to actors to directors to cinematographer/videographers, everyone is affected!  Even distributors - how to showcase the new worlds of 3-D, 360-degree video, and more in "real" filming versus just animation... Come see clips/drone demo and hear experts talk about the exciting new developments in filming "in the round" as well as holographic, other 3-D capabilities coming online.  Limited seating, by RSVP only - no walk-ins.

     At the end of the mixer, a tour of the new SCF facility will be available for anyone wishing to see a behind-the-scenes look.

    State College of Florida, Bradenton Campus
    5840 26th St. W., Bradenton, FL 34207
    Building #10

    Campus Map

    I-75 to Exit 217 (SR 70/53rd Ave.), head west on SR 70 (becomes 53rd Ave.) to 26th St. W.
    Turn left (south) onto 26th St. W. SCF Bradenton is on the right between 57th Ave. W.
    and 60th Ave. W.

    $12.00 to attend, Registration Required.
    - Hors d'oeuvres and Cash Bar Provided.  

    Special Thanks to our Event Sponsor
    State College of Florida and The SCF Film Club

  • 01/21/15
  • Ringling College Casting for Student Films ASAP


  • 01/20/15
  • INTERN OPP WITH "THE EMMY AWARDS"Don't miss the deadline! March 16th cutoff! Internship: How to Apply TELEVISION ACADEMY FOUNDATION Now accepting applications for Summer 2015! Postmark Deadline: March 16, 2015 To be considered, required materials must be submitted online and by mail. Only one entry and one category per student. Please read Rules & Eligibility for details. Required materials for online and mail: 1. Cover page including: name e-mail address cell phone college or university and expected graduation date status: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student major/minor number and title of category for which you are applying (see list of category descriptions - if applicable, specify genre) gender & ethnicity form (optional) 2. Professional Statement of 300-400 words discussing the specific reasons for your choice of category and your professional objectives. 3. Resume
  • 01/13/15
  • Mind The Gap Auditions

    Mind the Gap, the Film is having a script read through that will double as auditions on January 20th. If you would like to audition, please send your resume / reel / bio via our website below & we'll send you more detailed info. Everyone is welcome to audition. GREAT lead roles plus lots of supporting character roles for males and females between 30 & 60 years old, but also looking for one female 65-75 years old.  This film is a profound psychological spiritual comedy. See more information on the website at

  • 01/12/15
  • Film Florida

    For those in our production community who may wish to participate.

    Dear Film Florida Members, Stakeholders and Friends


    As you all know, this is an extremely important year for our industry when it comes to securing an adequately funded multiyear tax credit program. To give our very best effort, we are pulling out all the stops to get the word out of the incredible positive impact our industry has on our state.


    With our new brand presence, we have launched a new initiative to grow membership within the organization. While we have already seen positive results with that, we have also launched a GoFundMe campaign. For those not familiar with GoFundMe, they are the world's #1 personal fundraising website. The purpose of our GoFundMe campaign is to broaden our reach for raising funds to help offset costs for Rally in Tally. Specifically, this year we are participating in Tourism Day and will be setting up our trade show booth along with staging a green screen still photo shoot. Guests (mostly legislators) will get their picture taken on green screen. We'll then composite the individuals in to the backdrop of a film or TV show from Florida. These photos will be printed, framed, and presented to legislators as a follow up. The framed photos will serve as a thank you and a reminder of the importance of our industry's incentive program. Both being part of Tourism Day and including a more interactive presence are additional costs.


    Film Florida is a volunteer organization where members pay annual dues. Those member dues allow the organization to operate on a normal day-to-day process. However, this year is a crucial year for our industry, not a "normal" year. We need to make every effort to assure we get our program replenished. These extra efforts cost money. Therefore, we're asking not just our Film Florida members to participate in the cost of this year's efforts, but also non-members, supporters, friends, family members, etc.


    With this in mind, we ask that you will consider a donation, even small amounts of $5, $10, $20 are helpful and add up. Also, if you are on social media, please post the link below and ask your friends, family, colleagues to consider a donation, no matter how small. And finally, if you have an industry distribution list or newsletter, please consider including the GoFundMe link in your next communication. Our goal is to secure a long-term tax credit program that ensures jobs remain in Florida and money is spent in the entertainment production industry. The more money we raise, the more we can do to help achieve that goal.  


    Film Florida's GoFundMe Campaign Page: 




    Michelle Hillery

    President, Film Florida



  • 01/06/15
  • Through Women's Eyes Film Festival April 2015

    Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival is celebrating its 16th year. This is the 6th year in partnership with the Sarasota Film Festival.   TWE is Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12.  The Filmmakers' Reception is Saturday, April 11.

    Sponsorship Opportunities are still available.

    For more information please see the website at 


  • 12/17/14
  • SCFEO Film Mixer Notice

    A conversation with and entertainment by  
    Kelly Wright,  has been postponed until 2015.


  • 12/16/14
  • Insipration Film Festival 2015

    January 15-17, 2015 / Lakewood Ranch Florida

    This Year's theme is Heroes & Villains.

    $5,000. Top Prize Now seeking submissions.

    Hosted By Inpiration Academy

    Updates: 12-10-14

    The festival will be held at Lakewood Ranch Cinemas on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Films will be screened from 9:00am-6:00pm. At 6:00pm, there will be a cocktail hour on the patio, followed by the Q&A session & awards ceremony in one of the theaters. Larry Gilliard, Jr. of HBO's The Wire and AMC's The Walking Dead will be joining us at our closing ceremony (Q&A Session/Awards Ceremony). 

    More information can be found on our website, as well as ticket purchase:




  • 12/09/14

    June 2, 2015, Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica CA

    Take advantage of the early submission rate and enter now for the Realscreen Awards! We've revamped the program and added a new category in non-fiction programming in addition to its diverse assortment of unscripted categories.

    Shiny Floor Game Show


    Archive-based Programming
    Arts & Culture
    Environmental/Natural History
    Event Programming **NEW**
    Science & Technology
    Social Issues/Current Affairs

    Health & Well Being
    Home (Renovation, etc.)

    Brand-funded Program
    Multi-platform Project
    Web Series/Programs

    Winners will be honored in a high-profile presentation at Realscreen West in June 2015. Questions? Contact Jessica Wa Kumbu at or 416 408 2300 ext 237.


  • 12/02/14
  • Belk Southern Designer Showcase Competition Seeking Talented Designers.

    Belk Inc. is seeking designers with Southern ties for its third annual design showcase, which focuses on apparel, shoes and women's accessories. Winners of the Southern Designer Showcase will see their designs sold at Belk stores and on in spring 2016.

    "We are thrilled to give a new group of emerging fashion designers the opportunity to bring our customers the fashions they love," Arlene Goldstein, Belk's vice president of trend merchandising and fashion direction, says in a news release.


    Applications are being accepted through Feb. 2. Entry forms and directions for submission are available


    Designers must be 18 or older and live in the South or have a strong connection to the region.

    A panel of senior Belk executives in merchandising, marketing and fashion direction will select a group of finalists by Feb. 27.


    They will present their designs April 16 at Belk's corporate headquarters in Charlotte.

    Winners will be announced May 14.

  • 11/12/14
  • 11/12 mixer! BATMAN Originator & Exec Producer Michael Uslan!

    DON'T MISS SEEING & HEARING MICHAEL USLAN, the originator & executive producer of ALL of the BATMAN films franchise, plus so many other career achievements!

    Film Mixer

    November 12, 2014
    5:30-7:30 p.m.



    Guest Speaker:
    Award winning,
    internationally acclaimed producer:


    Michael Uslan
    The Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office will host MICHAEL USLAN,
    the originator and executive producer of the "Batman"
    film franchise, at a community mixer event
    on November 12th in Sarasota, Florida.

    Mr. Uslan's extraordinary career not only includes the breakthrough Batman film franchise that transformed the way superheroes were portrayed in film, which began with the Tim Burton-directed Batman of 1989 through the Dark Knight trilogy to the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film currently in production, and abundant other distinctions.  Mr. Uslan is the author of his memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman published by Chronicle Books, and the SCFEO will have a limited number of autographed copies of the book available at the November 12th event.

    Additionally, Mr. Uslan was the executive producer on one of 2013's biggest box office hits, "The Lego Movie", he was the first college instructor to teach an accredited course on comic book folklore at any university, he has won the daytime Emmy Award for outstanding children's animated programming, and much more.  

    Please plan to join the SCFEO for this exceptional guest's appearance, clips of various projects followed by discussion, an audience Q&A, and other interesting aspects of
    Mr. Uslan's impressive and broad spectrum career.


    Ringling College of Art and Design

    Academic Center Auditorium

    2700 N. Tamiami Trail

    Sarasota, FL 34234



    Special Thanks to our event Sponsors!

    For more information please contact Tina Shumway at 941-309-120 X 104 or

    SCFEO logo
  • 11/04/14
  • Screening Locally Shot Film - Sex Ed With Haley Joel Osment

    Screening of Sex Ed - featured on The Today Show, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, USA Today and 175 other publications in the last month.  Join us in Tampa Nov 8th or catch a screening in Orlando or Miami. 

    Tampa Special Event info

    Additional info


    Link to SEX ED trailer:

    Link to Buy Tampa Tickets (on sale now, including the Nov 8 special event)

    Link for Orlando/Miami Tickets (goes on sale Mon or Tues)

  • 07/15/14
  • Production Community Notice- Kickstarter

  • 07/09/14
  • Production Community Notice- Among Ravens

    ·         Local ConnectionActor Castille Landon was born in Sarasota and raised in Bradenton.  Local Producer Dori Sperko brought the writer/director of Among Ravens to Bradenton and Sarasota to film his next feature, the thriller Wind Walkers, coming Spring 2015.

     AMONG RAVENS is sort of The Big Chill meets Little Miss Sunshine.  The film explores the lives of a privileged cast of characters who seem to “have it all”, but are living behind facades of perfection and happiness.  Into this idyllic world comes Chad, a strange and beautifully odd character,  in whose presence their dark secrets begin to surface.  Naturally, they blame Chad and turn on him.  All of this is seen through the eyes of a 10 year old girl who befriends Chad.  But is he as innocent as he seems?


    • Friday July 18 –  AMC Veterans in Tampa.  Starts around 7 pm (check for local show times, week of).  Tix not yet on sale.  Showing all week, but Dori & Castille will do meet and greet on July 18 evening show.


    ·       Thurs July 31Carmike Royal Palm 20 for Bradenton/Sarasotatix available NOW at   Dori & Castille will do meet & greet.

     OUT OF TOWN?  It’s available NOW as a pre-order on iTunes, but I think it’s a little cheaper if you wait until the July 18 release date.  Should also be on Premium VOD on July 18. 


  • 07/09/14
  • Casting Call - "Joshua"

    Production Community Notice:

    Casting Call "Joshua"

    Triple Knot Productions is looking for special talent in our new production of "Joshua". We are looking for unique individuals to help carry the role of a few supporting characters.

    "Joshua" is being produced with the intent to be submitted with two goals in mind. Our first goal is to submit it to "Project Greenlight" that has a deadline of August 8th, 2014. The second goal is to distribute the project nationally to be part of our "Think Twice" campaign that has thought -provoking messages.

    Female: Age 35-45, white, attractive, must be willing to show deep emotion, anger, and frustration.

    Male: Age 35-60, white, bald, goatee, beard, tattoos preferred. This actor will be playing the stereotypical prisoner that is the terror on his cell block.

    Female: Age 13-18, mixed-race, attractive, must be willing to portray herself, cold, but hurt and yet angry.

    Male: Age 1-3, mixed-race, cute baby

    Submit All Headshots and demo links to

    Shooting locations will be in Tampa and Orlando.

  • 07/03/14
  • Annual Improv Festival

    Next Weekend July 11th & 12th -Please see link for details.

  • 07/03/14
  • Production Community Notice

    FYI, to our countywide production community, all filmmaking professionals and those that want to become professionals:  Please see this article and remember the terrible cost of human life that this “Guerilla Filmmaking” decision caused.    This legal consequence may potentially be a precedent setting situation that impacts projects across the nation:  .  Rules, regulations and permits serve an important purpose and our film commission will always try to help with information about those processes in Sarasota County, so please don’t hesitate to call us.  (941) 309-1200 ext. 104

  • 06/19/14
  • Young Filmmaker-Editor Needed ASAP

    An individual is looking for a young person w/moxie & own equipment to put a reel together. Need to shoot & edit some existing footage & looking for a web designer.  Ideal candidate is probably a film student on summer break or Ringling student.  Needed ASAP

    Resumes to:

  • 06/10/14
  • Venice Theatre Presents

    THE DESTINATION - aactWorldfest

    - Monday June 16 - Saturday June 21.

    aactWorld Fest2014

    A world-wide week-long community threatre festival happening June 16-21, 2014 in Venice.

    Performances, Workshops, Fellowship

    Who can attend? Anyone with a love of theatre! You'll have the time of your life at this festival.

    To register or for more information 941-488-1115



  • 06/04/14
  • Film Florida Elects 2014-2015 Officers: Jeanne Corcoran named Vice Chair.



    For Immediate Release
    Tuesday, June 3, 2014  


    June 3, 2014 - Michelle Hillery, the Deputy Film Commissioner for the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission (FTC), has been named President of Film Florida. It was announced at the annual Film Florida meeting at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL.

    "Michelle has built an outstanding reputation as a business executive with a proven track record for teamwork and collaboration," said Palm Beach County Film Commissioner Chuck Elderd. "Her passion for the entertainment business, combined with her creativity and vision, will be a tremendous asset to Film Florida, and I'm very pleased she was elected."

    Said Hillery: "It is a great honor to be named as the next President of Film Florida. I am hugely excited by the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to working with the incoming leadership such as Sen. Andy Gardiner and Rep. Steve Crisafulli in the Florida Senate and House on creating more jobs for Floridians."

    As Deputy Film Commissioner for the FTC, Hillery is responsible for the development and implementation of the FTC's contracts, marketing program, budget analysis, audit, public relation efforts, website coordination, and the Internship Program. Hillery is also responsible for the oversight of an annual Office of Economic Sustainability contract and programs relating to education including the Palm Beach International Film Festival's Student Showcase of Films.

    Additionally, she has worked with feature films such as Bad Boys II, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence; HeartBreakers, starring Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta; In Her Shoes, starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and  Shirley MacLaine; Parker starring Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham; independent films such as Hitters Anonymous staring Linda Blair, Clint Howard and Steven Bauer; Boynton Beach Bereavement Club, starring Joseph Bologna, Dyan Cannon and Sally Kellerman; music videos Its 5 Five O'Clock Somewhere, staring Alan Jackson as well as Celine Dion's A New Day Has Come with Jimmy Buffett.

    Under Hillery's leadership, the FTC has been recognized with some of the industry's most prestigious awards including a gold Addy Award and a Telly Award. She also sits as an advisor on several boards including the Film & Television Institute and Palm Beach Gardens Five Star Magnet Program.

    The other Executive Board officers elected are:

    1st Vice President - Judson C. French, Jr., Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts (Education Council)
    2nd Vice President - Kelly Paige, Level Talent Agency (Industry Council)
    Secretary - Herta Suarez, SAG-AFTRA (Labor Council)
    Treasurer - John Lux, IDEAS (Industry Council)
    At Large - Sheena Fowler, Women in Film and Television - Florida (Associations Council)
    Immediate Past President - Leah Sokolowsky, Teamsters Local 769 (Labor Council)

    Additional board members include the Film Commission Council: Dale Gordon, Tampa/Hillsborough County Film & Digital Media Commission - Chair; Jeanne Corcoran, Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office - Vice Chair; Bonnie King, Space Coast Film Commission - Secretary; and Alternates: Debbie Miehls, Bradenton Area Film Commission; and Jerry Jones, Charlotte Harbor Florida Film Office.

    The Association Council elected Richard Seres, AICP Florida - Chair; and Thomas Mitchell, FMPTA - Vice-Chair.

    The Education Council elected Lucia Fishburne, Florida State University College of Communication & Information - Chair; David Jaffe, Lynn University - Vice Chair; and Ralph Clemente, Valencia College - Secretary.

    The Industry Council elected Dawson Peden, Cineverse Miami - Chair; and James Stamatis, Telemundo - Vice-Chair.

    Herta Suarez, SAG-AFTRA; and Leah Sokolowsky, representing Teamsters Local 769 will continue to represent Labor Council on the Film Florida Executive Board as Secretary and Immediate Past President respectively.

    # # #


    Michelle Hillery,,  561.233.1000
    Christy Tricoli,, 407.947.3086 


    © 2014 Film Florida - All rights reserved.

  • 06/04/14
  • "The Last Five Years" Theatrical Production this weekend.

    Little Grey Hat Productions Presents "The Last Five Years" by Jason Robert Brown is a beautiful, intensely personal musical about the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship.

    A successful writer named Jamie meets an ambitious actress named Cathy, and through songs and scenes they unravel the story of their life together. What makes this show so unique is the way it is told: Jamie is travelling forwards in time, from their first date to the day of their separation, but Cathy is travelling backwards within the same time frame. The award-winning musical was made into a movie this year starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.

    Little Grey Hat Productions LLC is proud to make this our first show, and will be presenting it in numerous locations in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, throughout Summer 2014.
    For Tickets and Information go to:

    To reserve tickets, call:
    Home Resource

    The Broadway Bar
    1001 Cocoanut Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236
    June 6th, 7th, 8th - 8pm
    June 7th - 2pm
    $15.00 each
    (941) 953-4343

    The South Florida Museum
    201 10th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205
    June 21st - 9pm
    $15.00 each
    (941) 746-4131, ext. 31

    Backstage at The Players Theater
    838 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236
    July 26th - 8pm
    July 27th - 2pm
    $20.00 each
    (941) 365-2494

  • 06/03/14
  • Are you a singer? Try out for Country Idol at The White Buffalo Saloon

    Qualifications Begin June 18th 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Register on Site

    *Must have quality Back Track Music (cd or flash drive MP3)

    *16 years of age and up (All participating under 18 must have parental consent and signature)


  • 05/29/14
  • Attn: Film Lovers - Newly Established SRQ Independent Films Presents

    "SRQ Independent Films was established to give Sarasota film lovers the thrill of watching locally produced movies in the comfort of their homes. What could be more exciting than to see nail biting drama or outrageous comedy taking place in locations that we all know so well?  Chances are you'll even see someone you recognize.  "It's no surprise that in a community like Sarasota we have some world-class artists, and that includes film makers" says Mark Troy, SRQ's founder.  "Isn't it great to discover jewels right in your own back yard?"

    To watch the best of locally produced films for free, simply "Like" the SRQ Films Facebook page, here:



  • 05/28/14
  • Auditions! - provides great audition links -- Be sure to check the audition pages of local theaters so you don't miss anything (click the theater name): Florida Studio TheatreThe Players Theatre of SarasotaManatee PlayersThe Golden AppleIsland Players
    source thanks: Anything

  • 05/27/14


    Ryan Justice posted in Ringling College of Art + Design - Digital Filmmaking

    Campus MovieFest has launched an amazing new opportunity to find the best Animation, Special Effects, Character Illustration and Music Composition students out there!

    One lucky student in each of the 4 categories will win a weeklong animation experience shadowing at FOX Animation Domination High-Def Studios in Hollywood to learn from their top animators! And thanks to Adobe, one winner will even win the grand prize of $5,000 USD to bring their own creations to life! Your entry could even get featured by FOX Animation Domination High-Def, Adobe, the ShortsHD TV channel, and/or in-flight on Virgin America!

    But first, our judges will have to deem your portfolio piece worthy – including David Silverman, known for directing The Simpsons Movie and Monsters, Inc. Additional judges include Adobe’s Dan Cowles, FOX Animation Domination High-Def execs Nick Weidenfeld, Hend Baghdady, and Ben Jones.

    Submit your original work online at before June 2, 2014!


  • 05/20/14
  • Grant Opportunity

    The Film Grant Where You Win Even If You Lose

    The deadline for the Roy W. Dean Summer Grant is June 30th, 2014. If you win, you get $2,000 cash and close to $30,000 in film goods and services to help complete your project. Donors include many major industry companies like Edgewise Media, Lightning Dubs and many talented editors, colorists, etc.

    But, if you don' t win, you still end up ahead. Each applicant for the grant receives a consultation from Carole Dean, founder of the grant, head of the non-profit film fiscal sponsor From The Heart Productions, and author of the Second Edition of the bestselling- book, ' The Art of Film Funding' . She has 20 years experience judging films, mentoring filmmakers, and is also a fiscal sponsor for many other films.

    Application and guidelines are on "We want films that are unique and make a contribution to society, docs, shorts and features are accepted."


    Thank you for your time,

    Kris Blackburn

    From the Heart Productions

  • 05/15/14
  • Casting Call - From the Producers of Tobacco Wars- Reality TV Show Opportunity

    In Trouble Zone Productions:
    The producers of "Tobacco Wars" (CMT) are casting for their new reality TV Shows Now! They are looking for family owned and operated businesses.

    Is your business a Realuty TV Show?
    Do you have a cast of Characters?
    Do you have the drama?


    "We sold 719 cars in one month and broke the world record for most used cars sold. ITZ is the most creative marketing team in the country."
    John Marazzi, owner, Brandon Honda, Florida

    "I received 25 calls a day every day my TV show ran."
    Jerry Webster, owner, Source One Credit Repair, Naples, Florida

    "Our place was packed, I had a line out the door. Reality TV is the future of advertising.""

    For more information contact



    Chuck Ardezzone


    (917) 375-6527

    Chuck Ortino, owner, Pete-zza, Bonita Springs, Florida

  • 04/15/14





    11th Annual Ringling College Digital Film  Seminar

    June 16-27
    For more information:



  • 04/11/14
  • NBC Comedy Needs Your Ideas!


    NBC Comedy- Your Next Big Idea could be the NEXT BIG COMEDY- For more information go to











  • 01/09/14
  • "Free Ride" that shot throughout Sarasota County

    SEE THE FILM!  JAN 10th -  The Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office is proud to announce the release of Free Ride by Director Shana Betz starring Academy Award Winner Anna Paquin (trailer:, which rolls out in theaters in LA and NYC and on every major VOD/cable system outlet this coming Friday January 10th! Based on Shana Betz's true life story, this retro roller coaster indie was shot entirely in Sarasota County! Please support this film's release by watching on VOD on Friday or
    at a theatre near you.

    Festival Opening Night Film ~
    Ft. Lauderdale International
    Film Festival
    Award Winner ~ Tangerine Entertainment Award - Hamptons Int'l. Film Festival

    Praise for "FREE RIDE":

    "...neatly re-creates the casual, copacetic sexuality and drug use of the '70s with enough authenticity that ... it never feels like simplistic moral retribution." Variety 10/20/13
    "...montages of hedonistic good times (including some druggy, gropey parties that are witnessed by the kids) leading to menacing turns of events and inevitable encounters with the Feds. Betz and her cast have a firm grip on the domestic side of things..." Hollywood Reporter 10/30/13
    "The opening moment of "Free Ride," Friday night's gripping curtain-raiser for the 28th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, is quick to introduce the carefully calibrated tension to follow for the next 83 minutes." The Go Guide 10/17/13


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