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  • 07/31/15
  • BEWARE "FAKE" CASTING CALLS!!! NOT DISNEYBEWARE!!! Per REPORTER TINA JENSEN OF FOX 13 news: A RECENT AD RUN IN TAMPA AREA says ""Guys, girls, do you love the Disney Channel? How about TV shows like Crash and Bernstein or Jesse? Well, how would you like to be on the Disney Channel?" the ad says, announcing an exclusive upcoming event for the “first 200 callers.”" This is NOT a casting call, but a company trying to sell "memberships" and thousands of dollars worth of photo packages etc. They do NOT get talent jobs, do not cast productions. See article here: Disney Weighs In: A spokesperson for the Disney Channel says producers hold open casting calls a few times a year that are promoted as “official” casting calls and advertised on their website and social media pages. “There is no affiliation between Disney Channel and any advance-fee acting school or acting workshop, and Disney Channel has not authorized talent searches or casting through any advance-fee event organizers,” said Patti McTeague, adding there’s no fee or contract associated with official Disney Channel auditions.
  • 07/27/15
  • Manasota Films Meeting

    FREE Admission! Come and meet the coolest cast in Sarasota/Bradenton! August 19th at Lakewood Ranch Cinemas.

  • 07/17/15
  • Production Call Event 7-17

    What could be a better summer project than to write your memoir? Join Duchess Joy El (TV & Radio Producer)  and Lourdes Helena Gallagher on Friday, July 17th  at The Artist Cafe for a "Publishing your Story" workshop. JOIN US at 6:30pm at The Artist Cafe- Art Museum; 2264 Gulf Gate Drive, Sarasota, Florida. 
    Just a few of the topics covered in the course... 

    - How to turn your book into a movie and a audio talking book by Lourdes Helena
    - How to generate ideas and material for writing about your life- How to show memories as vivid scenes- How to express your unique voice as an author.


    More information at

  • 07/10/15
  • URGENT Casting Call

    Episode 00
    CASTING DATE: Sunday July 12th 2015
    LOCATION: 1680 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34236
    email for video submission info
    SHOOT DATE: Saturday, July 25th 2015 (location TBA)
    DESCRIPTION: Two men plot to assassinate the mad poet at night.
    ARAB MAN #1
    Middle Eastern or Middle Easternlooking
    male. Young (late teens early
    20s) with a boyish
    look. Thin or fit build. Conspiring to assassinate The Mad Poet, under the guidance of Arab
    Man #2.
    ARAB MAN #2
    Middle Eastern or Middle Easternlooking
    male. Middle aged (30s 50s).
    Ability to speak
    Arabic preferred. Any build. Preferably bearded, or can grow beard. Has an “intense look”.
    Conspiring to assassinate The Mad Poet.
    Middle Eastern or Middle Easternlooking
    male. Any age starting from early 20s 50s.
    Physically intimidating (tall and/or fit and/or rugged). Guarding the campgrounds.
    Middle Eastern or Middle Easternlooking
    male. Any age starting from 30s upward. Bearded
    preferred. Stocky build preferred. A fanatic of the Mad Poet’s dark arts; has a regal look to him.
    Must be able to pull off maniacal laughter.
    The horrifying “star” and focal point of the scene. Middle Eastern or Middle Easternlooking
    male. Any age starting from mid30s
    upward. Thin build that can pass as emaciated. Bearded.
    Must be comfortable with special FX makeup around the eyes, mouth, and fingers. Preferably
    comfortable with rear nudity in a closed environment, but negotiable. Preferably grayhaired
    not required.
    Looking for Middle Eastern or Middle Easternlooking
    male and female extras. Any age starting
    from late teens upward. Please send headshots or photos; a resume is not required but
    accepted. Auditions for roles may be available.
    *One night shoot less than 8 hours Unpaid
    but Negotiable Pay depending on the role. Food,
    credit, and gas reimbursed for out of town talent, (for shoot date)*

  • 07/10/15
  • Casting Call

    Venice Theatre Seeks Performers for Rock Musical Hair Directed by Ben Vereen


    Ben Vereen is seeking more local performers to audition for Venice Theatre's MainStage production of Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. Vereen will be directing the production. Michelle Kasanofsky is the music director. They are holding a second round of auditions for the roles of Berger, Claude, Hud and child singers. Auditions will be held at the theatre located at 140 W. Tampa Ave. in Venice on July 19 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and July 20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Auditioners must make an appointment with stage manager Lisa Million by calling 941-258-0704 or emailing


  • 07/08/15

    Does your small, struggling business need a total revamp?  A new TV show can help!

    Are you facing some major challenges with your business and need to turn it around? Are you dealing with problematic staff members or are you drowning in debt? Is your business almost in shambles?  Are you ready for a major change in your business AND your personal life (because it goes hand in hand!)?

    A major cable network is looking for family businesses (with siblings or cousins in their 20's) and young business owners who are at their wits end! You will get an intense consultation from a mother/daughter team of entrepreneurs, who themselves are multi-million dollar success stories!

    From fashion boutiques to yoga studios to bakeries our business experts can help turn your struggling business around and get it back on the road to success.

    If this sounds like you or someone you know please contact us ASAP at Tell us your story: describe the kind of business it is, the problems you're having and why you desperately need our help.  Also send contact information, city and state where your business is located and pictures of yourself and your business. 

     This is a very limited opportunity and one day of filming will take place in a few weeks so please submit quickly. 

    There will be some financial compensation given to the business selected.

  • 07/01/15
  • Auditions! - provides great audition links -- Be sure to check the audition pages of local theaters so you don't miss anything (click the theater name): Florida Studio TheatreThe Players Theatre of SarasotaManatee PlayersThe Golden AppleIsland Players
    source thanks: Anything

  • 06/26/15
  • I Love Lemons Casting Call

    by Audrey Landers

    UPDATE : Shooting a pilot presentation-- one day-- July 17 or 18. Looking for 2 young women for this presentation. Here is the info. I will cast Kiity first, as her role and look is very specific.

    "Landers Productions is filming a pilot presentation with the expectation of filming the complete pilot, and ultimately, the series, in Sarasota. It is a scripted comedy, with the feel of a reality show. The actors will be required for only a couple of hours, and there is no compensation for this presentation. However, when we film the full pilot, and the series, the actors will be compensated according to standard industry contracts. We would shoot on or about July 17.

    We are casting for a few of the roles. Here is the first character breakdown:

    KITTY is between 18 and 25 years old. She is 5'6" or taller, and comfortable in a bikini and high heels. She has spent her life competing in beauty pageants. She has a pageant girl attitude.  Kitty is Jacki’s 22 year old daughter. She’s the embodiment of a Barbie doll-- even down to the unrealistic body expectations. She never eats. She’s 5’9, super thin, and gorgeous. She has spent her life in the beauty pageant world, entering every competition that comes along. Her most recent win was as “Miss Fit” in the Baskin Robbins Best Beach Bod contest. They even named a flavor after her-- “Bananarexic.”  She does not necessarily have to be a blonde.


    If you are interested in auditioning, please email and instructions for you to self tape will be sent. All auditions need to be in by end of day Tuesday, June 30.


    The Family

    Abigail- (Cast Audrey Landers) Thinks she’s Meryl Streep

    Jacki- (Cast Judy Landers) Thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe

    Dylan -  (Cast Daniel Landers ) Abigail’s son. Thinks he’s under appreciated, so he does anything for attention.

    Rita (Cast-Ruth Landers) — The very hot, 70 year old matriarch of the Lemon family.


    Kitty - Age 18 to early 20’s. Jacki’s daughter. Thinks she’s Miss America. She’s beautiful, very fit, maybe too thin. Tall, leggy. Comfortable in short shorts, very tall high heels, and a bathing suit top. Model looks-- Good with comedy.

    Lulu- Age 18 to early 20’s. Kitty’s sister, and Jacki’s other daughter.  Thinks she’s Kim Kardashian but all she truly wants is to be on the Real Housewives. She loves to bake. She is the ‘handler’ for her sister’s career. She makes sure that Kitty doesn’t cheat on her diet. Lulu never diets.

    Andy-Age 18- to early 20’s. Thinks that having been born into this family is the worst thing that ever happened to him. He is Abigail’s other son, Dylan’s brother. He’s a preppy, college frat boy. Dry sense of humor.


    Darlene - Age 30’s to 50 -The reality show segment producer- No nonsense, bossy.  Always egging the family on- pushing the envelope. She and Abigail have “something” between them. Can be any ethnicity, preferably African American or Hispanic.

    Cameron (tentatively cast Greg Pitts )  The camera man- Cuddly and adorable-like a puppy dog. Rita calls him her personal trainer. However it appears to be the other way around when we see Rita emerge from the bedroom followed by Cameron who is wearing a dog collar and a leather leash.

    Sofia -Age early 20’s. The Hairdresser - A petite, sexy, 20-ish Latina whose every move is a spicy Rumba. She has the hots for Dylan.

    Jeffery- (Cast Jeffery Kin) He’s the second camera man. He steps in whenever Rita calls Cameron for a personal training session.

    Background-  2 or 3 Crew members— They are seen on camera. One holds the boom for sound; One adjusts the lights. They are also seen taking a break.

    Optional:The Neighbors - They “drop by” to borrow a cup of sugar as soon as the camera truck pulls up outside-- Hoping to get their minute of fame.

    Please send pictures and resume to


  • 06/26/15
  • Summer Film Intensive Workshop

    Web link with more course and registration information:

    Summer Film Intensive Poster

  • 06/17/15
  • Casting Call - Heinz Productions.

    CASTING; Heinz Production is Casting “Real Families” for Universal Orlando Resorts print & video shoot.
    Shoot on June 25th or 26th, 2015.
    Email a family self- tape and 1 current family photo to by Fri, June 19th 2015! If cast this will run thru your agent.
    Follow directions carefully.
    1) Must be of whole family – Mom, Dad, kids (3 years and older)
    2) Tell us about yourselves – Names, kids ages, what you like to do at Universal Studios Orlando Resorts.
    3) Next, pretend you are at a Universal Orlando Resort Character Breakfast together, interacting with characters.
    Make it about 2 minutes long. You can take it with your smart phone. Most phones let you upload right to youtube and then you can email us the link.
    If we like your tape, you and your family may need to attend a casting at Heinz.
    If cast, this is a paid job that shoots in Orlando- Must work as a local Hire. We will hire thru agent.
    Thank you!
    Heinz Productions/

  • 06/16/15
  • Casting Call - Guess Who

    Guess Who Casting Call Information

  • 06/16/15
  • Casting Call -Sick

    Sick Casting Call Information

  • 06/05/15
  • Casting Call - Toliet Paper



    10-15 min. Dramedy. It’s 3 AM and Nora (20) invites Daniel (23) over to drink and smoke. In their smashed states, Daniel expects to get lucky Nora expects to have a deep and meaningful conversation. Nora covers the apartment with 300 feet of toilet paper as an analogy for what she’s trying to say, but the demonstration is more for her than it is for him. He’s annoyed that she isn’t paying attention to him and she’s annoyed that he doesn’t care about her drunken philosophies. They put their fuzzy minds together and discuss the reasons for why they’re really together that night.


    DANIEL Male, Age Range: 18-25, Any Ethnicity

    Acts and looks as cool as a cucumber, but is really a dork with no clue. Deep down he’s a nice guy, but he thinks with his crotch first and his brain second.

    NORA Female, Age Range: 18-25, Any Ethnicity

    Outgoing and confident. A pretty girl with average intelligence, plagued with unanswerable existential and introspective questions. In need of a friend who actually cares.

    Please contact either the director or producer if you are interested or have any questions.

    Lucas Schiltz

    Lauren Sobczak



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