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 The production company behind shows such as Buried Secrets of the Bible with Albert Lin (National Geographic), Avalanche: Making a Deadly Snowstorm (BBC), Holocaust: The Revenge Plot (Channel 4). We produce a wide range of programming for both sides of the Atlantic for all the leading networks & platforms such as of Netflix, BBC, Sky, Discovery and many others.

We are producing a new survival observational documentary series, where we will follow individuals embarking on a journey of adventure. In this extreme survival competition, we see individual climbers take on the extraordinary challenge of surviving in the canopy of some of the world’s tallest trees. The goal is to stay in the trees if is humanly possible. Each contributor will be in the same vast rain forest in South America but will be far enough apart so as not to encounter another contestant. Each episode will feature a new challenge for our climbers. Initially; the focus will be finding a suitable location to use as a base camp, making a platform on which to make a fire, and keeping warm. Then they will need to make a waterproof shelter, rig up some way to catch rainwater or fish it from a nearby stream. This is an amazing physical and mental challenge of self-discovery and opportunity to show America and possible the world of your skills.  

Now you know a little about the project, I was wondering if you would be interested in assisting in the casting process, or MAYBE APPLY YOURSELF? This could involve introducing us to people in the field, displaying the attached poster in communal areas, on your website, in e-bulletins or just telling friends and family about it. And if you like, you could use the below text and URL on your social media pages, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There will be a selection process, so we are asking for anyone interested to contact us – don’t worry, there’s no commitment at this early stage. We can assure you that we take our duty of care to our contributors very seriously and there will be many talks with the team here before any individual is asked to take part. We think it will be very challenging, but we are confident it will be a truly fascinating and unique experience for everyone involved. If you are after more information or applying yourself, please take a look at our casting webpage:


Apply here:  Are you a true survivor? Do you have expert survival skills? Can you climb the tallest tree? Walk the highest tightrope? Hunt without a gun? Fish with a Spear? Start a fire by friction? Can you survive with just the most basic kit in one of the world’s most extreme environments? Award-winning production company, Caravan, are producing an extreme cutting-edge survival series. Casting dynamic, self-sufficient, survival enthusiasts – with EXPERIENCE OF CLIMBING AND/OR ROPE WORK to take on an epic challenge. Filming in an exotic location, later this summer!
Apply now for a chance to prove just how tough you really are and be part of the most challenging experience of your life!
This is an endurance series like no other… takes survival to a whole new level. PRIVACY POLICY: THIS IS A FAST TURNAROUND CASTING SO WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU ASAP.  
Apply here:

Written by Kimberly Heath-Carrico and published on April 1, 2019 in News & Updates.