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Jack Alexander, Artist

Jack Alexander, Artist

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I am a professional painter, sculptor, faux-finisher and special effects artist whose work ethic and attention to detail surpass that of most. Comfortable with almost any material, style and/or medium, chances are if you can imagine it, I can paint, sculpt or create it. Over the years, I have worked as a professional artist, a journeyman painter, and a gallery installation artist.

For 4 years, I was a journeyman faux-finisher in Las Vegas, where I painted murals, sky ceilings, and faux wood and marble and the like in several of the big name, Las Vegas Strip hotel-casinos. For 14 years before that, I was Operations and Special Effects Coordinator for the entire fleet of Circle Fine Arts San Francisco galleries. I have designed and implemented themed display environments for the likes of Playboy, Disney and Warner Brothers.

First and foremost an artist, I have over 20 years experience in painting, sculpture, sign-making, prop-making, architectural design and themed environment construction. I am at home with foam, paint, cardboard, carpentry, wire mesh, paper mache and you name it. Please make contact with me to see my book. It would be an honor to contribute my expertise to your project.

(See to view samples of my works.)

"Have expertise -- will meet or exceed your standards."


EVERY DAY, I do my best to:
 Deliver what I promise
 Respect myself and others
 Take pride in my skill and workmanship
 Practice continuous quality improvement in everything I say and do


Angel Blessings: Las Vegas, NV
Dec 2008 - Apr 2009
 Faux-finisher / Specialty Painter: Faux-painted walls and floor of "Marble Room," created two canvases and one mural for entrance lobby, and faux-finished various columns, archways and wall moldings,
 Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Counselor: Offered life-pathway counseling and created a gender-accurate prenatal aura painting for a woman 5-months pregnant with a gender-undetermined fetus.

CWS Contractors: Las Vegas, NV
Jan 2008 - Aug 2008
 Day Shift Paint Foreman for guest rooms and suites remodel, Mirage Hotel-Casino. Organized assignments, coordinated crews, controlled payroll time sheets for 21 workers, and reviewed and inspected job areas to ensure a quality finished product.
 Day Shift Wallpaper Hanger Foreman for South Point Tower construction, Las Vegas, NV. Organized assignments, coordinated crews, controlled payroll time sheets for 38 workers, and inspected completed work areas to ensure high quality end results.
 Faux Painter at "Dos Caminos" restaurant, Venetian Palazzo Hotel-Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV, and Punch Production Painter at Mirage, Las Vegas, NV.

D.C. Vient: Las Vegas, NV
Nov 2007 - Dec 2007
 Journeyman Faux Painter: Worked on crew of 80 production specialty painters, applying final textures and surface treatments to interior walls and trim at the Concierge Lounge, Venetian Palazzo Hotel-Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV.

Harrah's Entertainment - Paris Hotel-Casino: Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 2007 - Sept. 2007
 Journeyman Faux Painter: Responsible for paint effects and surface treatments on fountains and throughout casino, spa, chapel, restaurants, boulevard shops, conventions areas, and other interior and exterior substrates. Compiled paint department's annual OSHA inventory and single-handedly repaired and repainted the 35-foot high cloud ceilings at the "Le Village Buffet" restaurant.

Contractors and Builders: Las Vegas, NV
Mar.2007 - Apr. 2007
 Journeyman Painter: Temporary work while awaiting Paris Hotel position. Painted everything from brushed, detailed interiors to sprayed industrial (OHSA) exteriors.

Contractor's Exam Center: Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 2006 - Dec. 2007
 Enrolled in course of study for C-4 Painting and Decorating License and NV Law.

Realty Management, Inc. (RMI): Las Vegas, NV
May 2005 - Dec. 2006
 Lead Journeyman Painter: Directed crew of 3-6 workers for Las Vegas' largest real estate property management firm.
 Responsible for applying paint by brush, roller and spray to a variety of substrates. These included the interior and exterior stucco surfaces and wooden trim of 33 apartment buildings, 2 maintenance sheds, 1 clubhouse/office  Prepared cost estimates for individual projects, estimated tools, materials, and equipment for work assignments. Ordered and picked up supplies and materials from outside vendors, making sure all MSDS specifications were in order. Mixed paints, faux-finished, and coordinated color schemes as required.
 Organized the painting of various areas to assure minimal disruption to personnel and resident traffic. Erected scaffolding up to 25 feet high and worked from ladders and planks to reach high surfaces. Directed the work of less skilled painters, ensuring that appropriate techniques and proper safety precautions were followed. Maintained equipment and kept records of work performed and materials used. Assisted with basic carpentry and odd jobs. Reported to a Residence Administrator.

Moscone Convention Center: San Francisco, CA
Apr. 2004 - Apr. 2005
 Operations Assistant 12 months (promoted to Operations Manager): Assisted Operations Manager with cleaning, maintenance, event installations/removal, and setup of pre-arranged convention and meeting room floor plans. Operations Manager also responsible for shift assignment completion.
 Declined career advancement and a raise in salary when offered the potential of a 6-digit income by the Painters & Allied Trades Union in Las Vegas.

RA Real Estate Management: Blangjong, Sanur, Bali Indonesia
Sept. 2001 - Jan. 2004
 Journeyman Painter, Muralist, Faux-finisher and Special Effects Artist: Designed and crafted murals, faux-finishes and painted surfaces in hotels, businesses and private homes. Directed crews of less experienced in applying paint, varnishes, and stains by brush, roller and spray equipment to a variety of substrates, including interior and exterior wood, glass, plastic, metal and masonry (brick, stone, stucco, concrete). Ensured that proper safety precautions were followed. Accounts included Cafe Lotus, Rioshi Japanese Restaurant and Radisson Bali Hotels and Suites.

Surya Dharma Foundation: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Sept. 2000 - Aug. 2001
 Studio Artist / Gallery Director: Produced canvases for one-man show, the proceeds from which went to benefit Indonesian charity. Hung exhibits, constructed exhibition props, and cleaned, painted and maintained gallery space. Designed and implemented promotional and advertising campaigns. Relied on experience, judgment and creativity to accomplish goals.

Yakeba Treatment Center: Lalang-linggah, Bali, Indonesia
Oct. 1996 - Sept. 2000
 Art Therapist: Assisted with rehab client recovery through the combined technologies of drawing, painting, sculpture, model-making, eco-adventures, physical fitness training and active listening.

Circle Fine Arts Corporation: Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA
1980 - 1992 and 1994 - 1996
 Operations and Special Effects Coordinator: Constructed and hung themed exhibitions. Conceived of, built, faux-finished, implemented and installed special effects throughout the company's entire fleet of San Francisco galleries. Worked with paint, wire, foam, fabric, cardboard, carpentry, paper mache and other mediums. Prepared and primed surfaces. Chose and coordinated colors for jobs. Applied coatings to surfaces.
 Coordinated team efficiency in displaying and merchandizing artworks at various art expos. Controlled annual inventory of stock in San Francisco galleries and coordinated same with Corporate headquarters in Chicago.


Pepperdine University: Los Angeles, CA
 Bachelors Degree (Sept. 1967 - June 1971) Full Scholarship
 President of Student Arts Dept and Project Coordinator for special events
 University Representative for the Fine Arts Dept., Student Council Board

California College of the Arts: Oakland, CA
 Associates Degree (Sept. 1971 - June 1973)
 Course Work: Painting, Sculpture, Eco-Habitation Model-Making

California Workforce Development Training Program: San Francisco, CA
 Office Applications Certification Training (Level I) Nov. 2004
 Feb. 2005
 Graduated with Intermediate to Advanced computer skills in MS Office XP, including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint


 Mediation and Counseling Skills: 8 years combined training and practice
 Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and other computer programs
 Ability to read blue prints and to interact with contractors, architects, and designers
 Water's End Reservation (1990 - 1992): Was Chief White Feather and his wife Crawling Bear Claw's last Caucasian shamanic initiate into the Lakota tradition.


Florida Craftsmen, Inc:
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
May - July 2009
 A National Juried, Invitational Exhibit of Original Wallpaper Designs

Brevard Art Museum:
Melbourne, Florida, USA
May - July 2009
 TAKE OUT, a National, Juried, Invitational Exhibit
 Using a museum-provided take out container as a jumping off point,
designed and exhibited a first-of-its-kind mega-city model, which depicts a 1-mile square, self-sustainable, eco-architectural urban complex that uses solar energy, vertical farming and self-contained water purification to feed, house and support a healthy and productive population of 1,444,000 on-site residents.

Angel Blessings Wellness Spa:
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Jan. - Apr. 2009
 One-man Show // Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Cafe des Artistes:
Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Nov. 2008 - Mar. 2009
 One-man Show // Faux-finish Treatments on Paper and Metal

Neon Venus:
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Sept. 2008 - Dec. 2008
 One-man Show // Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Wine 'n' Art / Artistic Ironworks:
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Jun. - Dec. 2006
 Juried, Invitational Exhibit of Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Wyckoff Country Club:
Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2006
 One-man Show // Acrylic & Oil Paintings on Canvas

Artists X-Change:
San Francisco, California, USA
Nov. 2004 - Jan. 2005
 One-man Show // Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Balazo Gallery:
San Francisco, California, USA
Sept. 2004 - Dec. 2004
 One-man Show // Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Surya Dharma Foundation:
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Sept. 2000 - Aug.. 2001
 One-man Show // Acrylic & Oil Paintings
 SOLD OUT Show for Indonesian Charity

Gallery 3000:
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Sept. 1999
 One-man Show // Miniature Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Bali Annual International Fine Arts Expo:
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Nov. 1996
 Featured Artist
 Assisted in the design and construction of Balinese ceremonial props and floats, using paint, fabric, cardboard, Styrofoam, wire mesh, foam rubber, paper mache and other materials. Some of these self-supported, ceremonial figures -- the processional "Ogoh-ogoh" -- measured 15 to 25 feet in height.

League of Nations 75th Anniversary Signing:
Grand Regency Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Apr. 1995
Theme Poster Winner of international juried competition
 Co-signed original painting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, this being the original design that was used for the themed poster
 Original co-signed painting sold for $100,000 at fund raiser Gala Auction
to then President of United Swiss Bank, San Francisco, CA

Maiden Lane Fine Arts Gallery:
Frank Lloyd Building, San Francisco, CA
 The Erte Exhibition - 1995
 Coordinated and displayed a show featuring the newest Erte sculpture and jewelry designs.
 Designed and implemented -- in paint, cardboard and paper mache -- wall hangings and entry foyer effects, depicting Erte jewelry and statue designs.
 One Erte jewelry collector bid on and purchased one of my background wall hangings for his living room. I received 40% of the sales price.

World Arts Council -- Fine Arts & Design Exhibition:
Four Seasons Grand Hotel, San Francisco, CA
July 1994
 Co-coordinated event with World Arts Council President, Gustave A Lele

Circle Fine Arts Gallery:
Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco, CA
1980 -1992 and 1994 - 1996

 Playboy Private Collection Exhibit - 1995
Designed and coordinated the display and merchandizing of original Playboy comics and limited edition Playboy photographs, featuring published and pre-shoot candid photos of Playboy centerfolds from 1955 to 1994
 Created faux-marble columns in cardboard and wall/floor effects in fabric and up-lighting to direct flow of traffic and enhance the atmosphere of this extremely special show.
 Due in part to a record-breaking sale of art, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. gave Circle Fine Art Corporation a 5-digit cash award and granted me $1,000 for excellence in presentation.

 Disney-Warner Brothers Combined Animation Extravaganza - 1992
 Coordinated and designed a collaborative collection of original cels with original backgrounds from various animated Disney productions and the more famous Warner Brothers' cartoons.
 Created and implemented special effects in paint, fabric, cardboard, wire mesh, foam rubber and paper mache, depicting 2- and 3-dimensional Disney and Warner Brothers' characters in humorously-themed situations throughout the gallery. The main entry foyer and stairwell display included Sleeping Beauty's castle, the diamond mines of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and a Suspended paper mache hot air balloon in a scene that featured Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner amidst 2-dimensional standing cutouts of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and other Disney and Warner Brothers' cartoon characters.
 In gratitude for a job well done, Circle Fine Art Corporation awarded me first choice of an original cel with original background.

 Disney Animation Exhibit - 1990
 Coordinated and displayed various serigraphs and original cels from Steamboat Willy (circa 1928) to The Little Mermaid (circa 1989).
 Designed entry sets, window displays, wall displays, and 3-dimensional backdrops in fabric, cardboard, wire mesh and paper Mache, featuring various Disney characters (Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs).

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