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“Echo in the Canyon” 2019 Documentary on the unmistakable Laurel Canyon, California


“Echo in the Canyon” A Documentary on the Laurel Canyon Music Scene Late 60’s

If you were breathing during the late 1960’s/70’s, unless you were living under a rock, THESE musicians created a landscape of “community” and integral relationships that formed some of our best music the world has ever known. Jakob Dylan coalesced a menagerie of these greats, coming together and speaking to the time, place and the meaning behind the music and the movement. From Jackson Browne to Michelle Phillips of the Mama’s and the Papa’s and everyone in between, the music was born out of life and love, community and admiration for a simpler time as a creative, and… creative they were.

The story is mature in context and content. The project uncovers the belly of the beast whilst dressing it in an elegant edgy hippie persona to remove the frayed edges of the uncomfortable, sometimes minor lawless behavior of the time. It paints an accurate depiction of the age, moving the viewer, in some ways, to be in the past with the storyteller. Recapturing each moment, one can envision a cast of characters, defining their place in music history by touching a side of humanity shared in a space where music echoed the canyon walls and etched it historically in place.

The cinematography, done in a way that conveyed the era with old footage, combined with transitional optics that captured the essence seamlessly. Dylan was an exceptional host that appropriately, without being overzealous, allowed each performer their time in the spotlight without over assessing the words they spoke and not interjecting his speak into the experience. It was a serene journey filled with stories and tales that make sense of what came to be. Spatially and visually intriguing to be in the Canyon with some of the greats that spoke to an era of love and finding the easy, collaborative Zen the Canyon community offered.


Written by Kimberly Heath-Carrico and published on December 27, 2019 in News & Updates.