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Entertain U- With Jeanne Corcoran, Radio Show- Shadoe Stevens

Listen to the many shows, Jeanne Corcoran- radio Host. Entertain U, which feature subjects in and around the entertainment industry.

Jeanne Interviewed the guests of our Holiday Mixer on Family-friendly content on December 3rd at the Radio Studio on US 41 known as SocietyBytes Radio, Radio Ear Network. With a Global Reach as far as Dubai!!!  She spoke to Shadoe Stevens (American Top 40, Film and TV, Visual Artist…), Mychael Chinn (A &E, Lifetime, BET…), Paul Sirmons (Quantum Leap, TE ATA, Letters to God, Grace & Gravity…).  Click the link below and listen to the broadcasts you select!



Written by Kimberly Heath-Carrico and published on August 2, 2019 in News & Updates.