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Local Incentives

Sarasota County Local Film , TV & Media Incentives-100% cash rebate on county governmental fees, plus up to 20% cash back on private sector qualified expenditures. 


New W 9 (Dec.2014)

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**** PLEASE NOTE: North of University Parkway is in Manatee County and not eligible for incentives.****

Come right here to Sarasota County to build your studio or soundstage, to set up your LLC, corporation, partnership, etc., or create other production business right here. When it comes to lists of incentives and finance, here are a few sites that offer some very interesting information:

The Economic Development Corporation's “Incentives” page that sums up tax refunds and credits, geographic incentives and more.

The Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Business Incentives pages with data on enterprise zones, funding sources, tax refunds and more.

Here's a brief look at some of Sarasota County's positive business climate benefits:

SMART - Sarasota Means Action Response Team

A streamlined permitting process to allow targeted business sectors the ability to plan and develop a facility in Sarasota County, in accordance with their deadlines and goals.

Sarasota Enterprise Zone

Job tax credits for employing residents of the zone, sales tax refunds on business equipment, sales tax refunds on building materials, property tax credit and, the potential for sales tax exemptions on electrical energy.

Entertainment Industry Tax Exemptions

To support the growth of creative industries and foster synergies with our existing firms and services, businesses in this industry are offered tax relief on transactions that deal specifically with the business of making a film or recording of any kind.

Road Impact Fee Mitigation Program

Businesses providing a minimum of 10 new jobs and are considered export-oriented can qualify to have up to 100% of the road impact fee mitigated by the County.

Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program

A tax refund available to businesses that create a minimum of 10 new jobs in targeted high value-added industries. The refund is per employee, and is based on specific parameters such as wage and location in the Enterprise Zone.

Capital Investment Tax Credit

To promote the growth of capital intensive industries in Florida, businesses operating in targeted industries may receive tax credits in relation to their capital costs. Eligible capital costs include all expenses incurred in the acquisition, construction, installation, and equipping of a project from the beginning of construction to the commencement of operations.

Startup Florida

Located right in Sarasota County, Startup Florida is a venture development group that targets early-stage companies that are seeking both capital and support in building their high tech business. Startup Florida believes there are three key elements in growing a technology community - a supportive community of entrepreneurs, an investment fund and a team of experienced entrepreneurs to mentor and consult. Also visit: for more information on venture creation and their Angel Investment Fund.

We are happy to connect you with Sarasota County's amazing locations, resources and incentives for all of your film, TV, radio and print location needs.

Experience the best Florida has to offer all in one location. From waterfront locations with beaches, islands, bay fronts, bridges and marinas to wilderness locations with forests, ranching communities and tropical jungles and urban locations with art galleries, modern buildings and historical architecture -- we have it all.

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