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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start filming in Sarasota County?

You're most welcome to call or email us with questions any time and we'll answer as quickly as possible. However, you might find the following frequently asked questions (FAQ's) take care of your inquiry right now:

General Production Questions & Answers

Why should we shoot in Sarasota County? So many reasons! Take your pick, take them ALL -- tremendous locations diversity with close proximity, production affordability, great weather, easy access & transportation, abundant above-and-below-the-line accommodations, crew, equipment, community enthusiasm and support, streamlined permitting... Sarasota County has so much concentrated into one easily covered area within the county, and we all know how THAT can save you time and money!

We have kitsch and class, rustic and urban, the vintage and the modern, wilderness and culture, fabulous weather, sunsets into the Gulf, lush environments, a vibrant arts community, and county-wide support and enthusiasm for film, television and other media production. We have it all!

What will you give us back in the way of incentives and rebates if we shoot in Sarasota County?
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We are happy to connect you with Sarasota County's amazing locations, resources and incentives for all of your film, TV, radio and print location needs.

Experience the best Florida has to offer all in one location. From waterfront locations with beaches, islands, bay fronts, bridges and marinas to wilderness locations with forests, ranching communities and tropical jungles and urban locations with art galleries, modern buildings and historical architecture -- we have it all.

Imagine your production's possibilities when combined with our compelling locations and service. As a full-service film commission and a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International, we are dedicated to ensuring your production's success. We offer the film industry's first customized, online Production Directory of crew, vendors, services, equipment and contacts for all of your production needs. In addition, we also provide location scouting assistance, permitting guidance, location photography assistance, intergovernmental support, research and reference materials, problem-solving and information-gathering.

Let us help you bring your production to life.