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“Six and a Mix” a success Feb 8th, 2018

The 4th Annual Six and a Mix event was a huge success for both Suncoast Technical College and the SCFEO.  This years attendance of 211 people from all areas of the production community and students from many of our local campuses including STC, SCF, USF, RCAD and Riverview High School.

Our world class panelists , Jenny Halper- Maven Pictures, Alice Lawson- The Gersh Agency and Brian Balthazar- Scripps Networks, flew in from NYC to impart their industry wisdom on our attendees. the crowd was engaged and hungry for the knowledge each shared. We were so thankful to have them share their time and talents with us.  Each of the speakers had a specific area of expertise and was unique to their industry, which is why wee chose them to be on our panel.

The teachers who made up our “SIX” part of the event, (meaning six classes) were very versed in their practices and gave our attendees real world applications for their chosen craft. We offered classes on  Screenwriting Success, taught by Castille Landon and Craig Weeden, Special Effects Horror and Glamour Make-up, taught by Karen Maitzen and Jess Marie, TV Commercials- “How To”, Sy Pilz and Mark Palmer, VFX, GreenScreen and more, taught by Persistance of vision VFX and Digital District, Acting and Improv, Taught by Will Luera and Michelle Young and our specialty class “Pitch to Paid” Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner(  the Husband and wife power team from DC Comics/ Harley Quinn, Black Panther fame). The segments were 2 and 1/2 hrs and according to the guests the classes could have gone on for more time, they were excited and inspired by each class.

Look for our 5th annual “Six and a Mix” event in 2019! they keep getting better and better each year.



Written by Kimberly Heath-Carrico and published on March 14, 2018 in News & Updates.